Meet Dr. Gath

Dr. Shelley Gath is a Board Certified Podiatrist who specializes in all disorders of the foot and ankle.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cal Poly Pomona, Dr. Gath earned a podiatric medical degree from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco. Her clinical and surgical training includes LAC-USC Medical Center, Corona Regional Medical Center and Riverside Community Hospital.

Dr. Gath is dual board certified by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry. She is a member of ADA, APMA, CPMA, LACPMA, and International Aesthetic Foot Society.

Over the years, she has specialized in the latest techniques with regenerative medicine when first-line treatments fail.

Dr. Gath is one of the few podiatrists in the US, Harvard faculty trained, to incorporate aesthetic medicine to revive your feet. Dermal fillers are not just for the face. Joints, bottom of the feet, and/or chronic tendinitis can be managed by the latest innovations in her office.

She was the first in San Gabriel Valley to introduce minimally invasive treatments with Tenex instrumentation. In 2005, she was originally trained with Shock Wave therapy. But, she has kept up with the best advancements in technology to heal chronic conditions not responding to standard care. Dr. Shelley Gath is a Tenex Specialist. 

Currently, Dr. Gath holds positions as the Podiatric Department Chair at USC Arcadia Hospital and Chair for the American Diabetes Association Foot Care Interest Group. She is also on the Advisory Board for the American Diabetes Association Amputation Prevention Alliance. 

She is a national speaker and current member of a local Toastmasters club. Her community volunteering includes Boys and Girl Scouts, AYSO region 2 and Arcadia High School Booster club. In addition, she holds an annual fundraiser that benefits the Pasadena Union Station. 

One of her other achievements is holding a patent on a wellness product. Her recent passion is running. She also enjoys bike riding, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

Now Accepting New Patients

Dr. Gath has been practicing in the San Gabriel Valley for 23 years and is accepting new patients at her Arcadia office.